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People love protein – find out how we can help you make it more profitable.

Cargill Protein Foodservice

Products, ideas and insights to make protein the profit center of your operation.

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Protein is the most important food category in the industry – your customers want it, they want new ways of eating it, and they’re looking to you to bring it to them. Cargill Protein Foodservice gives you the edge you need to make the right decisions, with actionable insights on the latest trends, research and culinary expertise to back them up. Cargill’s versatile protein options and category knowledge are the key ingredients to building impressive menus your customers – and your bottom line – will love.


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Cargill Protein Foodservice offers a wide range of value-added protein products to bring healthy and appealing protein options to your menus, as well as powerful insights into how your customers are using protein today.

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All Day Breakfast Insights

Stay a step ahead of the hottest trends in protein for foodservice.

Turkey & Cooked Meats

Build out your menus with praiseworthy turkey products and cooked meats.

Beef Patties & Ground Beef

Draw fans to the high-traffic section of your menu.

Sunny Fresh Eggs

Pure, high in protein and low in cost – behold the power of eggs.