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Cargill Risk Management

Tailoring customized hedging solutions to mitigate risks and uncertainties in more than 100 commodities and currencies.

Whether your goal is to protect margins, secure budgets, hedge against inflation, minimize volatility or maintain a competitive edge, our experienced team works with you to develop a diversified strategy, leveraging a wide range of solutions. With Cargill, you can successfully manage risk and optimize opportunities – with confidence.

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Cargill has a longstanding reputation of managing risk across commodities, industries and geographies. Risk management is at the core of Cargill’s services, providing financial solutions for our customers to better manage the most volatile cost components of physical contracts. Utilizing our risk services programs, you have access to experts who know your business objectives as well as they know the global commodities markets. Learn more about our integrated risk management and pricing programs as solutions for your business.

Since 1994, our customers have relied on Cargill Risk Management’s tailored solutions, customized for pricing needs, volumes and market bias. Today, we are a provider of customized commodity price risk solutions for customers around the world, including producers and consumers of agricultural, energy and metal commodities in more than 60 countries, as well as institutional investors seeking exposure to these markets.

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Cargill Risk Management

If you are selling or merchandising grain, feeding cattle, powering a facility, mining copper or bottling beverages, when you partner with Cargill, you have access to risk management experts who understand your business objectives.

Commodity Price Risk

Get the latest insights about relevant price risk management strategies.

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Minimize Uncertainty. Maximize Opportunity.

Without a diversified risk management strategy, you could be compromising your margins, budget, and ability to be price competitive.

Trade & Structured Finance

Cargill Trade & Structured Finance provides financial solutions that facilitate trade and mitigate trade-related risks for companies doing business in emerging and developed markets.